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Tildarg Primary School, Ballyclare

Golden Rules

At Tildarg Primary School we promote good behaviour and reward this via class, principal and whole school awards. Each month we choose pupils from each class that have shown they can follow our Golden Rules which are:

  • Work Hard
  • Be Gentle
  • Be Kind and Helpful
  • Be Honest
  • Listen
  • Look After Property

Please see below the children who have been awarded this certificate. It is very difficult to choose which pupils should receive this as the behaviour and manners of the children in Tildarg are exceptional.

16th Oct 2020
Today we met through Microsoft Teams again for our monthly Golden Awards. Well done...
1st Oct 2020
Today we all met through Microsoft Teams for our monthly Golden Awards to celebrate...
23rd Oct 2019
We had a wonderful assembly today celebrating our wonderful boys and girls. Awards...

Super Spellers

At Tildarg Primary we like to celebrate success and hard work. We are working hard to improve spelling and have introduced a Super Speller award, which is given out each month to pupils who are working hard with their spellings in both class tests and normal class work. 

Please see below the children who have been awarded this certificate. It is again very difficult to choose and the pupils work so hard in class.

16th Oct 2020
Congratulations to our Super Spellers who worked really hard at their spellings. P2...
23rd Oct 2019
Congratulations to the children who received the super speller awards today,...
10th Apr 2019
Congratulations to our super spellers who worked really hard at their spellings in...